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We Don't Tease - Imagine your brand splashed across major media websites, attracting explosive attention, skyrocketing traffic, and creating unstoppable growth.

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What Are You Pitchin' About?

Tired Of Being A Nobody... Yeah, You're Not Alone

Make Your Brand Famous with Our PR Trade Secrets

Ditch the PR confusion and dominate the media headlines. We're marketing mavericks, with years of PR experience, having uncovered all the PR secrets to get you covered.

Shrinking Reach?

Social media organic reach is plummeting
while costs for paid ads are skyrocketing.

Struggling To Build Trust?

Earning credibility takes years, and with today's noisy market, trust drives sales.

Conversion Ready?

You can't sell to who can't see you. PR can boost sales and get instant results.

Our Services

Helping You Flirt With Fame

Instead of sticking your baby toe into PR, let us help your brand cannonball into the PR pool and make a HUGE splash! From snagging speaking gigs, to scoring awards, and landing spectacular media features, we will upgrade your brand's perception from peripheral to aspirational.

Publicity & Media Exposure

We get you featured because it's not just about being seen; it's about being seen in the right places by the right people. By securing placements in top-tier media outlets, we elevate your brand's reputation, credibility, and authority, ensuring you get teh exposure you need to grow. Rapidly...

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Speaking & Awards

Speaking on stage, podcasts, or winning awards are powerful tools for positioning you as an industry leader.  Showcase your expertise and accomplishments to a wider audience, driving credibility, recognition, and trust in your brand.

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SEO & Backlinks

We secure top-notch SEO and backlinks, ensuring your brand competes for the top words your customers are searching for, ultimately propelling you to the front page of Google and increasing your online visibility.

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LinkedIn Influencer

Let's face it, you can preach your brand all you want, but if you're not consistently active on LinkedIn and your social media platforms, what good are you really doing?

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Our Services

Helping You Flirt With Fame

Let's get right down to it… we want to help your brand (or personal brand) make a splash. From snagging speaking gigs, to scoring awards, and landing spectacular media features, we help shift perceptions to make you a someone people are willing to pay a premium for.

Hot Off The Press

From Buzzfeed to Forbes, we've got your brand covered (literally).

We get you featured in the places that matter, not just grandma's Facebook feed. Here are just a glimmer of the kind of spotlight we can shine on your brand:

Yeah, Our Clients Get Results

Undeniable Social Proof

Forget the robot testimonials and stock photos. We dish the real dirt, the juicy client raves that make you wanna fist pump. Skip the small talk, dive into the undeniable proof that shows we actually deliver.

Our Process

How We Make You The Buzz Of The Media, And Not Just A Whisper

Ready to step into the limelight and watch your brand steal the show? Our process is nothing short of a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to elevate your brand to celebrity status. Get ready to bask in the glow of fame and fortune!


Strategy Call

Our process kicks off with a deep dive into your PR goals, uncovering what exposure means for your brand and how we can maximize impact to deliver ROI. Not sure if PR is the right fit for you? We'll be straight up with you.


PR Strategy Blueprint

You get direct access to our award-winning executive team. Using our proven 10-step method, we meticulously craft a custom PR strategy specifically designed to meet your objectives and propel your brand to new heights.


Campaign Launch

With 7 years of PR experience, our team effectively crafts and pitches your brand's story to hundreds media outlets monthly. With access to a 300,000 contact database and strong industry relationships, we ensure your brand receives the visibility it deserves. We offer weekly progress updates and PR coaching, focusing on real-world results and strategic growth.


Your Involvement

We only need an hour for our onboarding session to pinpoint your ideal PR targets and define your marketing goals. Then, we'll ask for just 20 minutes of your time weekly to discuss results, provide updates, and refine pitches. You can get comfy and watch as we handle the rest, ensuring you stay updated with your analytics dashboard, spotlighting your media features, and compiling your PR achievements in a stylish book.

Get A Free PR Audit

Quick, easy, and to the point. Let's chat about your PR and marketing goals. We will come prepared with a full audit (no charge) of your current media footprint compared to your competitors.

Case Studies

Don't Believe the Hype? See How We Actually Delivered Results

Spoiler alert: Happily ever after exists.

How Carved Skyrocketed Their Brand Visibility and Sales in the Phone Accessory Space

Carved significantly boosted its brand visibility and sales in the tech accessory market through a targeted PR campaign, resulting in widespread national media coverage.


Increase In Traffic


Online Coverage Views
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A $240K Decision - How VidDay Became an Online Sensation in Just 3 Months

From obscurity to the spotlight, Vidday disrupted and dominated the greeting card industry with their innovative app, facing fierce competition and low visibility.




Major Features
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How TrapTap Grew to 20 Different Countries, Selling $1M in Just 9 Months!

TrapTap blew out of the gate and secured features in major TV shows like Dragons' Den and The Discovery Channel, with highlights from TechCrunch and Popular Mechanics... oh and sold over $600K in 30 days.. say what?


Sold In 9 Months


Website Visits
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How Grant Stone Dominated the Front Page of Google

Grant Stone and its expert craftsmanship became a Google front page sensation after being featured in some of the top fashion outlets.


Prestigious Features


Total Views
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Why Choose PR

PR: Because being the best-kept secret is so last season.

Harnessing PR as the ultimate growth driver is crucial for enhancing sales, increasing exposure, and bolstering credibility. It helps your brand stand out, connect with your audience, and ultimately drive business growth.










Increased Brand Awarness

Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, becoming a trusted expert.

Enhanced Customer Aqusition

Targeted PR campaigns that attract qualified leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Dream Media Reach Unlocked

Target the right evangelists and unlock access to millions of views each month, ensuring your brand stands out amidst the noise and creates a ripple that is remembered when others share your story.

Build Awareness. Build Credibility. Build Authority.

In a world where decisions hinge on third-party validation, our PR strategies position your brand as the trusted authority, leveraging reviews and expertise to win the hearts and minds of your audience.

Top-of-Funnel Issues Resolved

Building trust takes years, and organic content often struggles to be heard. But if your product converts, it just needs the right audience. PR bypasses the noise, instantly boots your credibility and attracts the right customers.

Social Proof Achieved

Your online presence is your first impression and if potential customers can't Google you and find reviews, you've already lost their attention.


Success Stories That Speak Volumes

Hear straight from our clients why partnering with us was the game-changer they needed.

“Pretty glad I answered that cold email. Bryce strutted onto the scene, and brought a whole new level of coolness with him. Marley didn't just understand our brand; she became part of it, injecting it with energy, wit, and undeniable charm. These guys don't just think outside the box; they set the damn thing on fire."
Richard Harzing
VanJohan Wear
"Never thought I would rock a keynote event. They didn't just help us conquer the stage; they turned us into rockstars. With their expert guidance and support, I went from a nervous wreck to a confident speaker. Trust me, if you want to own the spotlight, DBALP is the team you need in your corner."
Joseph Ranseth
Joseph Ranseth (Personal Brand_
"Working with DBALP was a total game-changer for our brand. Their strategic approach to PR helped us gain exposure in key publications and significantly boosted our credibility in the market. Thanks to their team, we've seen a noticeable increase in sales and brand recognition."
Chris Thorne
Spruce Investment
These guys unleashed their creative firepower and transformed our brand, getting us a lot notable of coverage. Trust me, you want these guys on your team."
Denis Devigne
DBALP didn't just sprinkle creativity on our brand; they dumped an entire truckload of it. They took our vague ideas and turned them into some impressive campaigns. If you're looking for a team that knows how to have fun while kicking ass, look no further."
Jordan Wenck
Taaluma Totes
Daily Dose

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What is hot in the work of PR and marketing so you can stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant.

Our Guarantee

With zero contracts, zero gimmicks, and a zero-BS honesty policy, you're the captain of your PR voyage. We're all about results, promising 1-3 media placements monthly from top outlets.

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We don't do cookie-cutter plans. Get access a tailor-made PR strategy designed specifically for your industry and brand, ensuring maximum exposure in the most effective way possible.

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