A $240K Decision - How VidDay Became an Online Sensation in Just 3 Months

From obscurity to the spotlight, Vidday disrupted and dominated the greeting card industry with their innovative app, facing fierce competition and low visibility.

What was the goal?

VidDay aimed to revolutionize the greeting card industry with its video montage app but faced significant hurdles. Initially, they struggled with low traffic, minimal sales, no public perception, and they found themselves overshadowed by competitors. Their content and advertising efforts failed to gain traction, leaving them in dire need of a breakthrough strategy to emerge from this challenging situation and establish their presence in the market. VidDay needed to find a way to break the clutter and showcase why their platform should be a top consideration for unique gifts.


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Summing up the business

VidDay offers a unique SaaS platform that transforms ordinary greetings into memorable video montages, making special occasions even more personal and touching. The app's appeal lies in its ease of use, enabling users to create and share heartfelt video messages effortlessly. With VidDay, personalization is taken to the next level, allowing users to easily compile video messages, photos, and text cards into a beautiful video montage without needing any editing skills. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience from start to finish. Whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or just to show someone you care, VidDay makes it possible to give a gift that's both meaningful and unforgettable.

"Working with Bryce was a total game-changer for our brand. Their strategic approach to PR helped us gain exposure in key publications and significantly boosted our credibility in the market. Thanks to their team, we've seen a noticeable increase in sales and brand recognition."


VidDay flipped the script on digital outreach, channeling the "Don’t Be A Little Pitch" ethos to cut through the digital noise and reach the hearts of editors who vibe with their mission. Crafting emails that felt less like blasts and more like personal notes, they turned each interaction into a moment of connection. This wasn't just outreach; it was a digital serenade that got the world buzzing. With a strategic roll-out of their video montage magic to key influencers in tech, lifestyle, and special occasions, Vidday transformed their platform from a hidden gem to a must-have app, making waves and turning their digital presence into a celebration everyone wanted an invite to.

For VidDay, we orchestrated a tailor-made strategy that was anything but cookie-cutter. We rolled up our sleeves, dived into the data, and spun a narrative that wasn't just heard—it resonated. Here’s how we turned the tide for VidDay:

  • Initiated a targeted media outreach, placing Vidday's innovative app in the spotlight with key influencers and thought leaders across various sectors.
  • Our focus was sharp, aiming to captivate not just any audience, but the right audience, weaving VidDay into the fabric of tech, lifestyle, and celebration narratives.
  • The narrative we spun for VidDay was irresistible, transforming their offering into a viral sensation that captured imaginations and hearts.
  • This strategic narrative building fostered a groundswell of media attention and community buzz, amplifying VidDay's presence exponentially.
  • Leveraging the momentum from each media hit, we strategically positioned VidDay for successive wins, ensuring each success story propelled them to greater heights and wider recognition.


Vidday's strategy ignited a spectacular surge in sales, boasting a 1000% increase within just three months and establishing Vidday as a powerhouse in digital greetings. Their innovative approach not only captured the imagination of users worldwide but also garnered extensive media attention, leading to notable features and endorsements. From a standout appearance on the Mario Lopez Today Show to NASA bringing their product into outer space, Vidday's reach extended beyond Earth. The buzz even attracted major celebrities, who became avid users of their platform, further cementing Vidday's status in the market.

  • The campaign turbocharged Vidday's web traffic, hitting 15K daily visits, a testament to the compelling media narratives crafted.
  • A targeted outreach to 2000 journalists resulted in a remarkable 73% open rate, underscoring the relevance and appeal of Vidday's story.
  • This strategic communication led to 130 positive leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of their personalized approach.
  • Within a span of three months, Vidday achieved 21 pieces of high-impact coverage, significantly boosting their brand visibility and user engagement.

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