How Grant Stone Dominated the Front Page of Google

Grant Stone and its expert craftsmanship became a Google front page sensation after being featured in some of the top fashion outlets.

What was the goal?

Though Grant Stone had mastered the art of creating top-notch shoes and marketing them directly to the consumer, they found their public relations (PR) efforts lacking, affecting their overall business operations. Their objectives included increasing sales, enhancing their SEO presence through backlinks, and securing social proof. The Grant Stone team's frustration lay in having an excellent product but lacking the capacity to effectively achieve these aims independently. They also didn't have connections to the right channels that could provide the PR exposure they desired.Recognizing the necessity for external assistance to fulfill their objectives, Grant Stone opted to collaborate with Don't Be A Little Pitch. Together, they embarked on the development and execution of a tailor-made PR strategy for the company.


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Summing up the business

The story of Grant Stone originated from the tradition and expertise of shoemaking in Xiamen, China. One of the founding members dedicated 8 years to mastering the craft in a Xiamen-based factory before utilizing those skills in the United States. In 2016, the member established a business in Southwest Michigan.As a team, Grant Stone recognized the potential to create Goodyear-welt footwear crafted with high-quality leather elements, making them available directly to customers.

Sourcing premium leathers and other materials from specialized sellers globally, Grant Stone's goal is to offer customers exceptionally well-crafted shoes that fit perfectly. This commitment allows consumers to invest in higher quality footwear and, as a result, purchase less frequently.

"Since partnering with Bryce, we’re able to reach more of the right publishers and target markets than we could before working with them. Their ability to garner interest from top media outlets has helped us increase traffic and sales through our website and establish social proof through featured articles."


Don't Be A Little Pitch recognized that the Grant Stone brand's essence lay in an extraordinary story and a compelling value-to-quality offering. They understood that sharing the unique tale of how these shoes were crafted, along with detailing the specific artisanship invested in every pair, would be instrumental in attracting the right attention. Don't Be A Little Pitch also knew that their strategy would have to target media outlets specifically aligned with Grant Stone's intended audience.

Once the content strategy and target identification were settled, Don't Be A Little Pitch concentrated on monitoring competitor activity and keywords to ensure that they were connecting with the right channels and conveying the appropriate message. They also worked on refining the personalization of Grant Stone's pitch, aiming to create something distinct within the market. This method quickly drew the attention of media outlets, who began to take note of Grant Stone.

  • Launched a meticulous media campaign, spotlighting Grant Stone's premium footwear among influential style mavens and fashion forums.
  • Our strategy was laser-focused, not just casting a wide net but targeting the perfect audience, integrating Grant Stone into the high-fashion, quality craftsmanship, and timeless style dialogues.
  • We crafted a compelling Grant Stone story that was simply too captivating to ignore, elevating their shoes from just another option to a must-have fashion statement.
  • This narrative mastery sparked a media frenzy and community excitement, significantly magnifying Grant Stone's market footprint.By analyzing the competitive landscape, we pinpointed what made rivals stand out, from the buzzwords to the praised features.
  • We then dialed it up a notch, enhancing Grant Stone's appeal and outshining the competition.
  • We zeroed in on SEO brilliance, pushing Grant Stone's online presence to dominate the first three pages of Google, ensuring they weren't just seen but sought after.


Articles focusing on the unique story of Grant Stone and its expert craftsmanship began to appear rapidly in major publications. When you type in men's best boots or men's best shoes into Google, they are featured in the top reviews on the 1st and 2nd page of Google.

  • Over 2.7 million impressions from the coverage created by Don't Be A Little Pitch
  • 1.5K engagements online
  • Generation of 86 media leads
  • 29 online coverages
  • Featured in various respected platforms including Forbes, Men's Health, GQ, Gear Patrol, Yahoo Life, Byrdie, Valet Mag, Effortless Gent, and The Root

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