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You can’t afford to play nice. This is Media Warfare. We'll unlock the growth potential hidden in media exposure to get you the attention you deserve.
Coverage That Counts

From Zero To Hero In The Media Game, It All Starts Here.

Imagine telling everyone you're a rockstar. Now imagine Rolling Stone saying it. Media mentions are the ultimate social proof, turning strangers into fans in a heartbeat.

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Increase Sales

Target Audience Tsunami Incoming: Forget scattershot marketing, we'll laser-target your ideal customer with pinpoint accuracy and get you high-quality traffic that converts.


Manage Your Reputation

Tired of internet trolls throwing shade? We'll polish your reputation and clean up any online messes to make sure your reputation is nothing but a highlight.

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Build Trust & Social Proof

Forget "trust me, bro." when you can have "as seen on Forbes"  We'll get you quoted by the big dogs, making social proof the determining factor between you and your competitors. Trust - that's now your secret weapon.

Be Everywhere On Google

Say goodbye to the lonely island of page two. We'll launch your brand onto the Google front page like a rocket ship, so  prepare for website traffic that'll make your server sweat (in a good way).

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Be A Thought Leader

Forget boring that gets buried online. We'll craft content that positions you as the go-to source for all things awesome and establishes you as the ultimate authority figure.

How It's Done

Our Process To Get You Instant Media Features

Here's the deal: Your current PR strategy is about as exciting as watching paint dry. We ditch the snooze-fest boring pitches and craft you a strategy that has landed our clients in 100's of top-tier outlets.


We Dig Deep

We use or 10 step method to uncover the gold nuggets of your story that make journalists salivate. No boring fluff here, just pure newsworthy goodness. We use these objectives to build you a custom DBALP PR strategy.


We Craft Killer Content

Forget generic press releases, we create irresistible narratives that journalists can't resist quoting. Our award-winning team of writers will draft the perfect pitch for you to review and approve.


Media Matchmaking

We don't just blast out pitches, we connect you with the right publications that crave your story. We leverage our network of over 10,000+ news sources and nurture relationships with journalists to keep your name top of mind.



We handle everything from replies, and negotiations, to communication and analysis. We're not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. We monitor your media mentions and analyze results to ensure maximum impact.

Want a little stardom?

Stop wasting money on PR that's all talk and no action. We build personalized strategies with guaranteed ROI or your money back.

Featured Case Study

Client Spotlight

"These guys absolutely nailed it and got us featured in top-tier outlets from start!"

How Carved Skyrocketed Their Brand Visibility and Sales in the Phone Accessory Space

Carved significantly boosted its brand visibility and sales in the tech accessory market through a targeted PR campaign, resulting in widespread national media coverage.


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“Pretty glad I answered that cold email. Bryce strutted onto the scene, and brought a whole new level of coolness with him. Marley didn't just understand our brand; she became part of it, injecting it with energy, wit, and undeniable charm. These guys don't just think outside the box; they set the damn thing on fire."
Richard Harzing
VanJohan Wear
"Never thought I would rock a keynote event. They didn't just help us conquer the stage; they turned us into rockstars. With their expert guidance and support, I went from a nervous wreck to a confident speaker. Trust me, if you want to own the spotlight, DBALP is the team you need in your corner."
Joseph Ranseth
Joseph Ranseth (Personal Brand_
"Working with DBALP was a total game-changer for our brand. Their strategic approach to PR helped us gain exposure in key publications and significantly boosted our credibility in the market. Thanks to their team, we've seen a noticeable increase in sales and brand recognition."
Chris Thorne
Spruce Investment
These guys unleashed their creative firepower and transformed our brand, getting us a lot notable of coverage. Trust me, you want these guys on your team."
Denis Devigne
DBALP didn't just sprinkle creativity on our brand; they dumped an entire truckload of it. They took our vague ideas and turned them into some impressive campaigns. If you're looking for a team that knows how to have fun while kicking ass, look no further."
Jordan Wenck
Taaluma Totes

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With zero contracts, zero gimmicks, and a zero-BS honesty policy, you're the captain of your PR voyage. We're all about results, promising 1-3 media placements monthly from top outlets.

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