How TrapTap Grew to 20 Different Countries, Selling $1M in Just 9 Months!

TrapTap blew out of the gate and secured features in major TV shows like Dragons' Den and The Discovery Channel, with highlights from TechCrunch and Popular Mechanics... oh and sold over $600K in 30 days.. say what?

What was the goal?

TrapTap burst onto the car safety scene with nothing but a groundbreaking idea. Their goal was monumental: to leap from obscurity into the spotlight, establishing a new gold standard in driver safety tech. They aimed to craft a brand so compelling that it would not only introduce their innovative product but also redefine market perceptions, turning their once-unknown device into a coveted tool for enhancing road awareness and safety.

With no market presence, zero investment, and just a napkin drawing, they wanted to find a way to reach as many people at once while still not breaking the bank on paid ads. The media was their solution but we needed a superstar campaign to launch them into the stratosphere.


Sold In 30 Days


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Summing up the business

TrapTap revolutionizes the car safety market with its chic, user-friendly wireless button designed to enhance driver awareness and safety. This pioneering IoT device stands out by providing real-time, color-coded alerts for speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones, all without relying on conventional sensors. Instead, it harnesses a vast online database and the power of community-driven updates, covering over 60 countries. Beyond its practical utility, TrapTap promises a hassle-free experience with a remarkable 2-year battery life, positioning itself as an indispensable co-pilot on every journey, dedicated to keeping drivers informed and fines at bay.

"DBALP isn't your typical PR agency; they're a band of creative geniuses who thrive on pushing boundaries and breaking moulds. They took our brand by the horns and transformed it into something wild, unpredictable, and downright irresistible."


TrapTap turned the media game on its head with a strategy straight out of the "Don’t Be A Little Pitch" playbook, diving deep into the media jungle to find editors who'd dig their vibe. They whipped up a batch of hyper-personalized emails, making each editor feel like the message was just for them. This wasn't your grandma's outreach; it was a full-blown charm offensive that got everyone talking. They then hit the gas on their media blitz, sending out cool samples to the who's who of tech, lifestyle, and car gurus, sparking a buzz that turned their Kickstarter into the talk of the town.

This strategic blend, paired with engaging stories about TrapTap's standout features, built a dynamic media footprint and engaged a vibrant community, leading to a blockbuster Kickstarter campaign. Here was our solution:

  • We devised a media outreach campaign offering product samples to targeted outlets and influencers.
  • We aimed to target features in top-tier publications and influential blogs within tech, lifestyle, and automotive sectors.
  • We got edgy... really edgy on their offering and pitched a master piece of a story that went viral.
  • We fostered a strong media presence and community engagement, resulting in a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.
  • With all the buzz, we piggybacked off each article for the next 90 days, using a previous heavy-hitter article to land TrapTap into even bigger outlets.


TrapTap's leap into the global market was meteoric, catapulting into 20 countries and clinching a jaw-dropping $600K from their Kickstarter debut. In the whirlwind first 9 months, they didn't just rake in $1M in sales but also dazzled on Dragons' Den and snagged a prime spot in BestBuy's lineup, massively upping their street cred and visibility. Their strategic media play didn't just talk the talk; it walked the walk, securing enviable features across top-tier outlets like Dragons' Den, echoing their pitch-perfect appeal to tech and car enthusiasts alike.

  • We generated 50K daily website visits from strategic media placements
  • 3453 editors, journalists and television producers were contacted before and after their product launch.
  • Email open rate was 80% across all publishers, with a reply rate of 20%!
  • Don’t Be A Little Pitch generated 200 positive leads and over 150 pieces of coverage.
  • Highlights include placement with CNET, TechCrunch, The Discovery Channel, Popular Mechanics, Uncrate, retail deals from BestBuy and TV shows likeDragons' Den.

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