How ASKJA Netted NHL Domination and a Spot in the Hall of Fame

ASKJA dramatically elevated its brand profile and market presence in the sports protection industry with a focused PR blitz, securing extensive coverage across national and sports media.

The Rundow

Hockey is synonymous with power, speed, and those unforgettable 100mph slapshots. ASKJA, an innovative hockey brand, hit the ice with a clear mission: to offer unparalleled protection to NHL stars. Their standout product? A revolutionary skate protector designed to deflect the impact of high-speed slapshots. However, breaking into the prestigious NHL circles presented a formidable challenge for the newcomer.

The objective was to generate national media coverage for their unique skate protectors to buld validation and trust in the NHL. Within 7 months, they were able to secure placements in large, reputable media outlets and blogs.

So how did this hockey startup become such a buzz in the NHL that professional athletes were lining up to get their hands on their product? Hint: An impressive brand blitz that showcased their innovative talents, impeccable science, and a FOMO strategy from national press.


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The Challenge

For ASKJA, the NHL represented the ultimate testing ground. The league's teams have exacting standards, and for a new entrant, skepticism was as tough an opponent as any on the ice. ASKJA's challenge was two-fold: not only did they have to prove their product's worth, but they also needed to quickly establish a reputable presence among the hockey elite.

"These guys blew it out of the water for us! We couldn't keep up with the attention."

The Playbook:

- Media Power Play: The first line of attack was to amplify ASKJA's voice through strategic media engagement. By generating buzz and getting the media to spotlight their innovative skate protector, ASKJA began to capture the NHL's attention.

- Street Cred Boost: The media attention did more than just highlight ASKJA's product; it positioned the brand as a significant new player in hockey protection. This bolstered their reputation and made them a respected name in the hockey community.

- NHL Knockout: The media strategy and burgeoning reputation set off a domino effect. Within just 8 months, ASKJA had secured partnerships with 30 of the 32 NHL teams, marking an incredible turnaround and acceptance into the hockey mainstream.

- Hall Of Fame Highlight: ASKJA's achievements culminated in their skate protector being recognized in the Hockey Hall Of Fame, a testament to the product's impact on the sport and its legendary status.

The Big Score

The journey of ASKJA from an industry outsider to a key player is remarkable. The brand not only secured the trust and partnership of 30 NHL teams in under a year but also earned a spot in the Hockey Hall Of Fame, cementing its legacy.

Final Buzzer

ASKJA's story is a testament to the power of strategic marketing, innovative product development, and sheer determination. By executing a well-planned playbook, ASKJA not only entered the game but changed it, demonstrating that with the right approach, even newcomers can become leaders in their field.

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