Fresh Emblem's Journey To $20K A Month

In just half a year, FreshEmblem went from anonymity to a bustling online store with substantial monthly revenue, earning up to $20,000 a month.

The Backstory

In a market saturated with generic, forgettable air fresheners, FreshEmblem emerged as a breath of fresh air. They set themselves apart with custom wood air fresheners, each piece a blend of artistic craftsmanship and natural essential oils. While they flourished at craft markets, captivating customers with their charm and unique value proposition, the vast digital landscape remained an untamed frontier. Joel, the visionary behind FreshEmblem, tasked us with a mission: catapult their online presence from unnoticed to unforgettable.


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The Stumble

Caught in a rut with sales barely scratching the $1-4K mark each month, FreshEmblem was stuck in a loop, celebrated in craft circles but invisible to the vast online world. They were more than just another artisanal brand; their custom wood air fresheners were a hit at local markets but somehow didn't translate to the digital goldmine. This wasn't just a stumble—it was a full-on faceplant, showcasing the harsh reality that being a beloved niche product wasn't enough to break the online barrier and truly thrive.

This period of struggle highlighted the urgent need for a strategic pivot, as FreshEmblem grappled with breaking free from the niche artisanal label to claim its rightful place in the expansive digital arena

"Partnering with 'Don't Be A Little Pitch' was the game-changer we desperately needed. They didn't just understand our vision; they amplified it, transforming us to a huge success. It was like they breathed life back into our brand. Seriously consider these guys."

The Strategy

✔️ Digital Overhaul: We started by refreshing FreshEmblem's digital identity. This meant not just a website redesign but a complete online brand rejuvenation—interactive, visually striking, and seamlessly integrated with an intuitive e-commerce platform.

✔️ Press Power: Knowing that FreshEmblem had a story worth telling, we launched them into the media spotlight. High-profile placements in PopSugar, US Weekly, and USA Today weren't just wins; they were strategic moves to showcase the heart and soul behind the brand.

✔️ Engage & Expand: As media attention sparked curiosity, we leveraged it to supercharge their social media presence. Through visually rich content and engaging narratives, we transformed casual browsers into a loyal community and, ultimately, customers.

✔️ Sales Surge: The results were staggering. From teetering on the edge of obscurity, FreshEmblem surged to achieving five-figure monthly sales, marking a dramatic turnaround in their fortunes.

The Big Win

✔️ Digital Footprint: Our initiatives vaulted FreshEmblem's website traffic from negligible to a daily average of 60K visitors, making it a go-to destination for unique air care solutions.

✔️ Media Engagement: By reaching out to over 4000 industry influencers, we not only showcased FreshEmblem's products but also the passion driving the brand, evidenced by a remarkable 90% email open rate and 30% engagement rate among publishers.

✔️ Campaign Success: The "Scent of Success" campaign didn't just spread the word—it permeated the market, generating 300 targeted leads and securing over 150 pieces of media coverage, including an unforgettable feature on Pet Pals TV.

✔️ Visibility & Sales: These strategic efforts not only brought FreshEmblem into the limelight but also revitalized their sales, setting a new benchmark for success in the artisanal air freshener market.

The Wrap-Up

FreshEmblem's journey from craft market charm to digital dominance is a testament to the transformative power of targeted marketing, compelling storytelling, and a well-executed digital strategy. Their ascent to becoming an online sensation underscores the potential within every brand to redefine their space—with the right strategy, even the most niche products can capture widespread attention and achieve remarkable growth.

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