WealthBlock's Rocketship Towards The Top Investor Management Platform

WealthBlock catapulted from fintech newcomer to industry beacon, mastering investor onboarding with unparalleled security and savvy media moves that set the gold standard in wealth management.

What was the goal?

Entering the market with a new product, WealthBlock faced the challenge of differentiating itself amidst fierce competition. The brand needed to increase its visibility, establish its credibility, and showcase why it was superior to other platforms. The main hurdle was to create a compelling narrative that would resonate with their target audience and industry insiders. This along with an industry that doesn't lend much trust, WealthBlock needed a way to prove they were reputable and a platform fund managers could invest in.


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Summing up the business

WealthBlock is an innovative fintech firm that provides a comprehensive investor onboarding platform, catering to a wide range of investment management needs including venture capital, private equity, real estate, and asset management. Their platform offers features such as E-Sign for subscription document distribution, customized reporting and dashboards, a secure data room for document management, CRM for pipeline management, and tools for investor engagement and offer presentation tailoring.

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To navigate these challenges, WealthBlock adopted a multi-faceted approach:

Custom Media Plan: Developed a tailored media outreach strategy to highlight WealthBlock's innovative features and the unique value proposition of their investor onboarding platform.

  • In-depth Market Analysis: Conducted thorough research to understand market dynamics, competitor strategies, and what media outlets appreciated about competitors' offerings.
  • Engagement with Industry Insiders: Engaged directly with wealth management and fintech journalists, bloggers, and influencers to build relationships and foster endorsements.
  • Strategic Content Placement: Secured placements in high-profile financial and tech publications to provide the needed third-party validation and showcase WealthBlock's advantages.
  • SEO Optimization: Focused efforts on enhancing online visibility through SEO, ensuring that WealthBlock ranked prominently in search results related to investor onboarding, wealth management solutions, and fintech innovations.


WealthBlock's journey from a new entrant to a recognized leader in the fintech space underscores the power of strategic media engagement and the importance of building trust and credibility in a competitive market. Through targeted outreach, compelling storytelling, and leveraging third-party endorsements, WealthBlock has set a new standard in investor onboarding and wealth management solutions:

  • WealthBlock was featured in 19 different publications in the fintech, investor, startup, and business space.
  • They consistently saw an open rate of 65%, 3% reply rate, and 1% interested rate.
  • A Total of 4K contacts were pitched with over a span of 5 months.
  • The platform saw a substantial increase in online visibility, increase in keyword rankings, and increased traffic.
  • WealthBlock obtained features from Real Estate Today, CEO Weekly, World Financial Review, NY Breaking, Digital Journal, Business To Mark, and more.

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