From 0 to 15K hits per month - See Why PurePup Dominated the Pet Market

PurePup paw-vaulted from the underdog to leading the pack, fetching consistent traffic with their eco-friendly spritz.

What was the goal?

PurePup offers one of the best organic pet sprays in the dog industry. The team came to us in a time-sensitive request to help get them noticed and build up their credibility before a large pet trade show. As well as hoping to maximize their potential for sales, they wanted to increase their online exposure and get in front of the right audiences since ads were too expensive and the dog market was too cluttered.




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Summing up the business

PurePup's journey from a passionate idea to a key player in the pet care market underscores the power of authentic storytelling and strategic media engagement. Their dedication to providing luxury, eco-friendly care for pets, coupled with a deep understanding of the need for natural products, set them apart in a crowded market. The brand's commitment to clean, pronounceable ingredients reflects its mission to enhance pet wellness and owner satisfaction. This case study exemplifies how PurePup not only joined the industry but redefined it, leaving a lasting paw print on the hearts of pets and their owners alike.

As PurePup geared up for a major product launch, the need for substantial press coverage became apparent. The aim was to penetrate niche markets previously unfamiliar with their organic spray, thereby maximizing brand exposure and sales during critical peak months.

DBALP didn't just sprinkle creativity on our brand; they dumped an entire truckload of it. They took our vague ideas and turned them into some impressive campaigns. If you're looking for a team that knows how to have fun while kicking ass, look no further."


We tailored a strategy that involved seeding the market with product samples, targeting media outlets and blogs that cater to pet care, parenting, and eco-conscious audiences. The compelling backstory of Joel Miyazawa, PurePup's founder, inspired by his bond with his dogs, became our narrative spearhead. This heartfelt story was pitched to pet-centric and mainstream media, aiming to resonate deeply with pet owners and enthusiasts.

  • Initiated a specialized PR campaign, sending out trial products to a handpicked group of pet industry influencers and pet-focused media outlets, aiming to create authentic brand ambassadors.
  • Targeted our efforts towards securing editorial content in leading pet lifestyle magazines, veterinary blogs, and pet wellness platforms, tapping into the heart of pet communities.
  • Crafted our storytelling with a unique twist that resonated with pet owners' deep emotional connections to their pets, resulting in a narrative that not only spread like wildfire but also highlighted the emotional and health benefits of our product.
  • This approach led to a thriving presence in the pet community, sparking discussions and engagements across pet forums, social media groups, and at pet industry events, significantly increasing brand loyalty.
  • Utilizing the initial wave of positive media attention, we strategically built upon each success story, leveraging influential articles to gain entry into more prestigious pet market publications and platforms over the following quarter, continuously expanding our reach and influence in the pet care sector.


The result was nothing short of spectacular. PurePup's story and products were spotlighted across a range of prestigious platforms, including Pet Pals TV, known for its vast viewership. Coverage extended into Pet Age, New York Lifestyle Magazine, and more, amplifying PurePup's voice in the pet care conversation. Strategic partnerships and features in prominent gift guides further expanded their reach, establishing PurePup as a trusted name in organic pet care.

  • Our strategic media placements led to an influx of 15K daily visitors to the website, showcasing the compelling draw of our content.
  • We reached out to over 2300 editors, journalists, and pet industry influencers in anticipation of and following our product debut.
  • The tailored outreach resulted in an impressive 85% email open rate among publishers, with a solid 25% engagement rate, indicating strong interest in our story.
  • Our campaign, "Bark the Word," generated 250 targeted leads and secured over 100 pieces of high-value media coverage.
  • Notable media triumphs included features in Pet Pals TV, known for its 30M+ viewer reach, alongside mentions in esteemed publications such as Pet Age, Dogster, and Modern Dog, and an exclusive spot in the "Top Pet Innovations" segment by Animal Planet, significantly enhancing our brand's visibility in the pet care market.

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