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How to Build a Media Kit to Make Them Say 'Damn! Who's That?'

Bryce North
6 minutes
June 24, 2024

If you don’t have any experience in building a media kit, your first thought might be, “What the hell is a media kit?” The second might be, “What the hell do I put in one?”

Many small businesses are not even aware of the existence of media kits, let alone the idea that they might need one. They can help you stand out in a crowded industry, especially if your marketing is otherwise falling flat. 

This guide will answer two important questions:

  • What is a media kit?
  • How do I know what to include in a media kit?

Keep reading to learn how to avoid common mistakes and pick up some badass ideas, too.

What the Hell Is a Media Kit?

These are collections of promotional materials that offer information about your company and what it does. They are often given to journalists and media outlets, but in the modern world, influencers are leveraging them more than ever.

They are vital for any company that is serious about boosting its media coverage. They act as a first step in building relationships with digital and print media. While they've been around ever since the print era, they have more recently evolved as digital assets, too.

They typically include items along the lines of the following:

  • Information about your company
  • An example of your product
  • Information about upcoming relevant events
  • Press releases
  • High-quality images

Depending on what your company does, you may offer many of these online, and if so, you might still want to use a physical kit. It can have more of an impact and you can use high bang-for-buck items like branded USB sticks to transfer digital files such as promotional images.

The True Power of a Kickass Media Kit

A good media kit can act as the center for a great PR strategy and present you as the god of marketing you know you are. It can present a professional image, an edgy one, or both, depending on how you plan it. First impressions matter, so putting a kit in the hands of a journalist will ensure that they remember you for a long time to come.

Another boon of a media kit is that it can set you apart from others in your industry. With a branded physical item, you hammer home who you are and create a real-world object that people can associate with you. 

Press Kit vs. Media Kit - The Idiot's Guide

You may have heard of the more common concept of a press kit. This is one small example of a media kit and one focused on offering essential information for immediate release.

If there is a press release or the launch of a product, a press kit gives information on that specific event alone. It can boost news announcements, share information, or even correct misconceptions. A media kit, on the other hand, is more comprehensive and empowers long-term brand promotion.

What to Include in a Media Kit to Stop it Sucking

It’s important to copy some good brand media kit examples. Companies have used media kits for many years, so it is clear what works and what doesn’t.

The following are some of the items that it is always a good idea to consider. They will build up what you offer and present you as a powerful force in your industry.

Company essentials such as:

  • Company overview
  • Key team members
  • Product summary or information about your service
  • Any recent press releases

Branding details such as:

  • A range of brand logos in different acceptable colors
  • Branding guidelines
  • High-resolution visuals
  • Promotional photos

Contact information such as:

  • Your information as the marketer
  • Customer service details
  • Any other relevant individual

Promotional materials

  • Client testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Tchochkes and gifts
  • Positive media coverage
  • Key benefits of your product or service

In all, this may seem like a lot, but it helps to get the details of who you are and what you do across in the most positive light.

Crafting a Great Media Kit

A whole bunch of “things” is only the first step. You also need to ensure that any writing and branding also matches what you need to display.

As such, make sure to base the whole kit around a positive narrative that highlights who you are and what makes you unique. Match this to your company’s outreach in other areas, such as on its website, as well as its brand visuals.

The intent is to craft an emotional connection with your intended audience, even if these kits go to journalists. The best way to do this is by leveraging relatable and engaging storytelling. This gives any media outlet a hook to latch onto to start writing things about you in a positive light.

Except when you share your business’ emotive history, make sure not to overload the kit with information. Keep any details concise and to the point, avoiding unnecessary information that might lead to confusion. Being able to focus on a few key areas will help you create the kit and help anyone discussing it know what to write about.

Ensure you also invest in a professional design effort. Whether this is someone in-house or hiring professionals, you need to make sure you present yourself in the best light possible.

Get Over Your Media Kit Woes and Kickstart Your PR Game

A media kit is a crucial tool that can boost your outreach far beyond anywhere it’s been before. Remember the core components above and you should be good to go. Still, building one can be an absolute ballache, especially if you want it to look professional.

If you’re in the mood to get someone else to do it for you, get in touch with Don’t Be a Little Pitch. We can help you build up a marketing plan and make a media kit a core part of that. So, chat with us now and let us know how we can help you tower over the competition.

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