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F*ck Mediocrity: How to Get Media Coverage for Your Business

Bryce North
6 minutes
May 17, 2024

Tons of businesses are stuck in the past, unwilling to accept that no, you can’t just “build it and they will come”. You woke up and smelled the bullshit, which is why you’re here researching how to get media coverage for your business. At least you’re one of the smart ones.

Lucky for you, there are sure-fire ways to get your company seen that will put you head and shoulders above all those other backward yokels.

This article will help you learn how to crush businesses with outdated PR tactics. Leverage edgy, data-driven strategies that get you noticed and respected and you will succeed. Whether you’re big or small, read on to learn how to get the media attention you know you deserve.

Traditional PR Is Dead

If you’re still clinging to outdated tactics such as press releases and media contact, without widening your scope, you may as well just lie down and die. These strategies may have worked back in the late 20th Century, but in 2024 and beyond they just no longer cut it.

The shift to digital media has not only changed stories but also how they are consumed and what they offer people. They need to be dynamic, and engaging, and present a side of a company that feels real. People trust companies about as far as they can throw them, so you need to make sure people believe in you and what you offer.

You need to be noticed, and fast.

Pursue an Angle That Gets You Noticed 

To beat this noise, you need to define how you will capture people’s attention faster than ever before. This will compel media coverage to talk about you instead of the rest of the noise out there.

Presenting Authenticity to Win Over the Media

First of all, authenticity breeds trust these days. Ditch the promotional fluff and share real stories about who you are and what you do. Talk about the people who work for you and show their challenges. You want to create a real connection with your audience, who you want on your side.

You should also ensure your messaging is consistent, whether you are engaging with your whole audience or only a few individuals. Don’t be a prude one minute and then say, “Holy shit! Have you checked out our latest offers?” in another. It makes customers or clients think the formal version of you is insincere.

Playing with New PR Angles to Create Waves

First, nail down the story you want to tell. Craft a compelling narrative that flaunts your brand’s unique journey. This will make what you do much more memorable as something people cheer for.

Once you have created this foundation, try to brainstorm wild and unconventional PR stunts or campaigns. If you work with food, you could even do something negative, such as the Marmite brand’s slogan of “You either love it or hate it”. This kind of tribalism only pushes people further toward lifting you up as a success, creating die-hard fans.

Leveraging Data to Enhance Media Coverage

Make sure you incorporate data into your PR strategy. You can use it to ensure you only toss out ideas that are truly trash. For example:

  • Measure the performance of your PR efforts
  • Analyze your audience’s demographics and preferences
  • Identify emerging trends and position your brand to match
  • Gather insights from surveys to get customer opinions
  • Track the behavior of visitors to your site to improve their journey

After gathering everything you can, use it to pivot how you act. You want to always be at the forefront of the latest thing, to the point of even being annoying if it gets you media attention.

How to Get Media Coverage For Your Business in 2024

There are many different types of media coverage in the modern world, each of which has its promoters and detractors. For example, you might be sick of “influencers”, but they are the lifeblood of many promotional processes.

Collaboration with such celebrities, as well as garnering media shout outs, can put you in the upper echelons of success. People who see you mentioned by their favorite people and in popular media will consider you to be a success story. So do not dismiss what they offer.

So, start by crafting compelling pitches that appeal to your target, whether it is the media or influencers. You may also want to start building relationships with these people. Whether this is in person, at a bar, at an event, or otherwise, rub noses with them and even get a little drunk if it gets you a new partner in crime.

How to Ride the Wave of Viral Growth Onto the Front Page

Creating something shareable is a surefire way to get you noticed somewhere, and eventually mentioned in the media. Harnessing viral growth can then catapult you further into the spotlight.

As such, when you create something, try to ensure it is either:

  • Emotional
  • Shareable
  • Valuable
  • Relatable
  • Impactful

Naturally, only an idiot would do just one of these. So, make whatever you put online as powerful as possible by using several of these in one go. You can even tie this neatly to your brand in many cases.

Toying With the C-Word: Why Pushing Boundaries Pays Off

In a world where being “canceled” is both a buzzword and a dirty word, using controversy can often set your brand apart from the rest of your peers. You need to make sure you are prepared for what such press coverage entails, but it can give you a bigger boost than anything.

When is Risk vs. Reward Worth It?

When you do something risky, make sure you understand you’re not doing it in a vacuum:

  • Understand your audience’s tolerance for edgy shit
  • Stretch the boundaries of your brand but don’t snap them
  • Use a risk assessment to see if you stand to win or lose more

On the other hand, it can be very beneficial for you to differentiate your brand from competitors in this way. Giving yourself a unique angle you can riff on for years can make you something special in the minds of your audience, and can help avoid any backlash.

If it all aligns, f*cking go for it.

Be Aware of Who You Pick Up

Even if you’re being noticeably edgy, moderate your online spaces. Ensure that you do not draw in negative influences and people are much more likely to think of you as exciting and fun, rather than problematic.

Be smart about it, or work with someone who already knows what they’re doing.

Hashing Out the Details With Someone Just as Driven as You

You never need to settle for mediocrity. The media coverage you get deserves to be as shocking as you are.

Here at Don’t Be a Little Pitch, we specialize in creating PR strategies that push boundaries and, as such, get results. Whether you want to turn bad press into opportunities or create something that people can’t help but share, we can help. So, discover how to get media coverage for your business by contacting us and embracing an edgy future today.

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