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What to Expect When You're Expecting (Media Coverage)

Bryce North
7 Min
April 18, 2024

So you’re ready to step into the spotlight and carve out your niche in today’s competitive landscape. Navigating the world of working with PR agencies might feel like diving into a maze, but fear not— our expert team of PR ninjas will be fighting for your coverage every step of the way.

From brainstorming brilliant ideas to crafting compelling pitches and securing coveted media coverage, we've got you covered. Here is our straightforward guide to help you understand the process and set clear expectations, ensuring you know exactly what to anticipate as you step into our domain with us. Get ready to see your brand shine as we work tirelessly to land you prominent features in top-tier media outlets.

Step 1: We throw you a kickoff party AKA your strategy session

Bring your party hats, people! We’re celebrating all things you. Our process kicks off with a deep dive into your PR goals, and we won’t be shy. We get clear on what exposure means for your brand and how we can maximize impact to deliver ROI. This should only take about an hour together so that we can pinpoint your ideal PR targets and define your marketing goals. It’s a quick but memorable party. You don’t have to go home, but we’ll take it from here.

Step 2: A brutally honest full marketing outlook

As the marketing detectives that we are, we take out our magnifying glasses to study your entire marketing outlook. PR is not a standalone powerhouse, so we look at all of your existing marketing and branding efforts so that they all work together like Batman and Robin, Mario and Luigi, Chewie and Han Solo! We look at all the holes in your funnel to ensure the best ROI. We are brutally honest here, we might even tell you your website needs a total makeover website edition. We also research your niche like it's our job (because it is!). We analyze the whole market, competition, share of voice, keywords, and what’s trending.

Step 3: 10 steps to killer content

We have a 10-step method to uncover the gold nuggets of your story that journalists want to write about. We unleash our trend-sniffing hounds. We discover what’s truly newsworthy about your brand, and our award-winning team of writers draft the perfect pitch that you review and approve. This story will be too captivating to ignore, filled to the brim with quotable content because we know what makes journalists salivate.

Step 4: Targeted media outreach through our pitching powerhouse

We don’t just want you to be seen, we want you to be seen by that special someone. We leverage our network of over 300,000 media contacts... yea yea, we know people. Our system is simple. We have spidey technology that crawls and indexes thousands of news sources in real-time, analyzes the content, and determines the editors that are most likely to vibe with your mission. Each variable of the journalist’s profile - such as their name, publication, and recent articles they’ve written - gets captured and added to the outreach emails.

The result? Every editor feels like they are receiving a personally written email custom-tailored to their interests. Editors are much more likely to respond due to the personalization and our process lets us do this at high volume, ensuring maximum yield.

Step 5: Following up and relationship-building

We're not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. We have a proprietary three-step follow-up sequence. We handle everything from replies, and negotiations, to

communication and analysis. We send you all negotiations, opportunities, and status updates so you are involved in the process and know exactly where you stand.

Step 6: Media frenzy and momentum

This is the fun stuff, where you start to get excited and see “holy sh*t” moments. This is where your cousin messages you “HEY YOU’RE ON FORBES”! One step closer to total brand domination. Once media mentions start rolling, we leverage the momentum from each hit for successive wins. We want each story to propel you to greater heights and recognition. We piggyback off the buzz in 90-day increments to get you featured in bigger and better outlets.

Step 7: Media monitoring and ROI tracking

We monitor your media mentions and analyze results to ensure maximum impact. These mentions will start to impact your business by increasing web traffic and sales, other media inquiries, SEO brilliance and backlinks (better results on Google), larger social following, engagement and mentions. We deliver monitoring and tracking through our no bs truth and transparency/open communication policy. We are in communication with each other (and you) in a way that's clear, efficient, and maybe even a little bit fun. We track and deliver email opens, response rates, total leads, and coverage rates.

What’s your involvement in all of this?

We'll ask for just 20 minutes of your time weekly to discuss results, provide updates, and refine pitches. You can keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle and watch as we handle the rest, ensuring you stay updated with your analytics dashboard, spotlighting your media features, and compiling your PR achievements in a stylish book. We offer weekly progress updates and PR coaching, focusing on real-world results and strategic growth.

Remember patience young grasshopper

Building relationships with the media doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes an editor might be interested in your product or service, but won’t be writing a relevant segment right away. Since we are connecting you with the right journalists and following up, we’re there top of mind when they are looking for your type of content.

This is our not-so-secret formula that lets us work tirelessly to establish you as an authority with the media and ultimately into the hearts and minds of your target audience. And don’t forget, we are now a part of your team.

While we’re running our PR machine in the background, we also focus on building a relationship with YOU, because we like you. We’re BIG new friend people around here. We have more parties to throw together and many more jokes to tell you. Your success is your success and we are in this together.

Want more media coverage and to hit the spotlight? Chat with us now (hint: click the live chat button below).

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