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The Ultimate Scoop on Building Your Brand’s Social Proof

Bryce North
Founder, CEO
12 Min
January 3, 2024
Alright, buckle up, folks! We're diving headfirst into the wild world of social proof – you know, that special oomph, that special something that makes people think "Whoa, if everyone’s into it, it must be worth the shot!" But stay in your seats, because we're not serving your average marketing spiel here. In fact, we're jazzing things up with a whole lot of edge and maybe even a pinch of sass and humor. So, grab your favorite drink and let's kick things off with some extra juicy deets!

What's the Huge Fuss with Social Proof Anyway?

Alright, let's start with the basics. Social proof is like that extra cool kid in school that everyone wants to hang out with. It's all about people turning to others to figure out what's dope and what’s not. In the world of marketing, it's the secret ingredient that whispers to customers, "Hey, you can rely on us – all these other folks do!"

But why does it even matter in this day and age? Imagine this: You're scrolling through your social media feed and boom! You spot your fave influencer raving about a skincare brand. Suddenly you're intrigued. You want what they have. You want to experience the fabulous benefits of that product. If it's good enough for them, it must be worth checking out, right? That's the magic of social proof, my pals! 

The Psychology Behind It All (Cue the Dramatic Music)

Let's dive a bit into psychology , shall we? Turns out, us humans are a pretty predictable bunch of peeps. We like to follow the crowd because, hey, safety in numbers, am I right? It's all about survival instincts kicking in – if everyone else is on board then it must be the right choice. 

So, when it comes to marketing, leveraging this herd mentality can yield results. Displaying reviews from customers or receiving approval from an expert can really excite potential buyers and make them eager to make a purchase and make them go "wow, take my money!"

92% of consumers hesitate to buy something if there are no customer reviews available.

Why Social Proof Is Your Brand's Secret Weapon (Shh, Don't Tell the Competition)

Alright, let's not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Social proof isn't some fancy and trendy term tossed around by marketing pros – it's your brand's ticket to success. Consider this: Would you prefer to purchase from a brand with glowing reviews and satisfied customers or one that remains silent like a library at midnight? We’re pretty sure you’ll go with the latter. (*wink wink)

Social proof is what you NEED to establish trust, enhance credibility, and ultimately lead to more sales. It's like having your own fans cheering for your brand loudly – who wouldn't appreciate that?

Types of Social Proof: From Testimonials to Earned Media 

Now, let's talk about the juicy stuff – the types of social proof that you can sprinkle on your digital strategies. We’ve got testimonials from customers, referrals from friends, user-generated content (UGC), earned media and more! Each type has its own special flavor and can pack a punch when utilized effectively.

Tips and Tricks to Amp Up Your Social Proof Game

Alright, you've got the lowdown on the types of social proof – now what? It's time to apply those new found knowledge and see how they work out. Here are some proven tactics to elevate your brand’s social proof from basic to outstanding:

Get those testimonials flowing: 92% of consumers hesitate to buy something if there are no customer reviews available. This is why it’s important to make it super duper easy for satisfied customers to sing you praises and then shout them from the rooftops (or at least your website). Amazon excels at this because their website allows peeps to share their feedback. 

Embrace the power of social media: Are you aware that UGC is 35% more memorable compared to content produced by marketers? Yes, you read that right! A significant 79% of individuals claim that UGC influences their buying choices. Moreover, 74% of customers heavily depend on social media when deciding on purchases. Fenty Beauty (a cosmetics brand established by Rihanna) is fabulously successful at connecting with their audience and showcasing UGC. No wonder Rihnna’s brand has quickly expanded as the most popular beauty brand in the industry!

Show off your achievements: Don't shy away from flaunting your achievements, whether it's showcasing your coverage on top top-tier outlets or those impressive reviews. This is your time to shine! Flaunt it like Casper (mattress brand) and Airbnb (vacation rental company) with glowing reviews and coverages prominently displayed on their websites. 

Get by with a little help from your friends: Encourage referrals, offer incentives, and watch your brand's influence spread rapidly. Be like Paypal and reward both parties with $10 (or more if you have the means to do so).

Keep it real: Authenticity is key, so keep it real and focus on building genuine connections with your audience like your life depends on it.

Have some fun: Social proof doesn't have to be formal and boring – get creative, infuse some personality, and watch your brand shine with authenticity.

Now, before you begin your journey and go on those social proof adventures, let me leave you with one final gem. If you're looking to enhance your brand's social proof and elevate it to new heights, consider partnering with DBALP.

Partner with DBALP To Elevate Your Brand's Awesomeness

At DBALP, we're not just your average PR agency – we're your partners in crime, your confidants in the chaotic digital world. With our expertise and a touch of charm, we'll assist you in developing a social proof strategy that'll elevate your brand to the next level!

So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge into the wild world of social proof with DBALP by your side. Go forth, be bold, and remember: In a world full of copycats, dare to be edgy and unique. 

Here's to creating a brand that's as tempting, as a freshly baked batch of brownies – topped with sprinkles, of course!

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