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LinkedIn: The Untapped Powerhouse for Professional Domination

Bryce North
Founder, CEO
6 Min
January 23, 2024
In the smorgasbord of our modern digital economy, standing out isn’t just about what you offer – it’s about how you tell the world about it. And for businesses tantalized by the prospect of B2B sales, LinkedIn isn't just a platform; it’s a goldmine waiting for the right miner.

If you’re not yet harnessing LinkedIn for your brand, consider this your wake-up call because, in the B2B realm, LinkedIn is gold-standard PR – held up high, bold, shimmering, and within your grasp.

Why LinkedIn is Essential for Building Authority

If the internet is a town square, LinkedIn is where the suits hang out and whisper the secrets of the trade. It’s not just about who you know but who knows about you. Establishing your brand’s authority on LinkedIn isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a must.

It’s Where the Big Boys Play

When you create and share industry insights, white papers, and case studies, you’re not shouting into the void; you’re participating in a conversation that your peers, competitors, and potential partners are already having.

Content is King, But Consistency is Queen

Sharing content regularly – daily, if possible – not only keeps you at the top of your network’s mind but also signals to LinkedIn’s algorithm that you’re a player in the game. And when LinkedIn likes you, it shows your content to more people, which is really the digital equivalent of a standing ovation.

Engage or Go Home

It’s not a content portal, it’s a social network. Engaging with the content of others (likes, comments, and shares) is where you forge the connections that’ll boost your online reputation. It’s a community – be a good neighbor.

Why LinkedIn is Your Best PR Tool

When it comes to PR for B2B, LinkedIn is akin to presenting your business at the prestigious World Economic Forum – if you’re not there, do you even exist?

Validation Station

Potential business partners, clients, and even employees are likely to scout out your LinkedIn profile. If it’s robust, professional, and alive with activity, that's a green light for them to trust you.

The Fact Checkers

Resumes are nice, but social proof is better. Engagement on LinkedIn is a testament to your work. The more recommendations and endorsements you have, the less they have to take your word for it; your network has already vouched for you.

Consistency is Key

In the world of B2B, trust and credibility are won over time. LinkedIn is the one place where you can orchestrate a consistent narrative about your business, from the blog posts you share to the stories that shape your ‘About’ section.

77% of sales professionals have noted that selling on LinkedIn helps them close deals at a higher rate.

The Role of LinkedIn in Trust Building

Trust is the currency of the B2B realm, and on LinkedIn, you can build it with the diligence of a master craftsperson laying brick after brick:

Be Present, Be Proven

Consistent posting and engagement not only makes you visible but also showcases to potential customers that you’re a real and active business, not a digital ghost ship that’s abandoned shortly after launch.

Recommendations and Endorsements: The New Patents

On LinkedIn, the kindness of your connections isn’t just a like – it’s visible, quantifiable proof that you're as good as you say you are. Don’t be shy about asking satisfied customers for recommendations; they’re like Google reviews for the professional set.

Stories Shape Us

LinkedIn isn’t just a social platform; it’s a PR roll for your brand. Use every inch of your profile – banner images, work experience, featured posts – to tell the whole story about your brand.

Nurturing Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t a one-night stand of business; it’s a courtship that leads to long, fruitful relationships.

Custom Messaging: It’s Not Vanity, It’s Personalization

When reaching out to leads, don’t copy-paste. Engage with their profiles, their work, and their company. Show them you see them as more than just a sales figure on your report.

The Right Ads for the Right Eyes

LinkedIn’s targeting is a sniper’s scope in a world where other platforms just throw darts and hope for the best. Target decision-makers in the industries and roles that matter to you, and watch those leads grow.

Be a Giver Before You’re a Getter

Networking isn’t about what you can take; it’s about what you can give. Share the insights and connections that’ll benefit your network. The law of reciprocity is an unsung hero in the dance of B2B sales.

Enhancing SEO with LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just about engaging the audience in front of you; it’s also about driving the right traffic to your digital home:

Profile SEO: The Hidden Hills of LinkedIn

Don’t just fill out your profile; optimize it. Use keywords that your customers use to find you. A complete profile isn’t just an online resume; it’s a beacon for search engine crawlers.

Content is How You’re Found, Not Just What You Say

When writing for LinkedIn, write for the web. Use headers, meta descriptions, and alt text on your images. LinkedIn content ranks in Google, too, so make it count.

The Giant LinkedIn Arrow That Points To You

Every LinkedIn post is a beckoning index finger, asking the reader to learn more. Make it easy for them. Include links to your website, your blog, and your event calendar – anywhere that continues the conversation.

Examples of People Doing LinkedIn Right

It’s not just theory; businesses are already killing it on LinkedIn. Here’s the dream team you want to mimic:

  • Executive Eddie, who started a weekly discussion in a LinkedIn Group and now doesn’t just rub elbows with the Elites; he is one.
  • Consultative Caitlyn, whose check-ins with her network have resulted in more signed contracts than her in-person networking events.
  • Thought Leader Theo, who turned a few brilliant blog posts into a global conversation about his brand's vision and direction.
  • Connector Charlie, whose endorsements and recommendations aren’t just digital thumbs-up; they’re business currency.

The Best Strategy for Posting on LinkedIn

When, What, and Why – the secrets to a magnetic LinkedIn presence that pulls in leads and keeps them transfixed:

Timing is Everything

Post when your network is active. Often, that’s during business hours, but experiment with evenings and weekends, too. The internet never sleeps, and with a global audience, neither should your content calendar.

Content – Too Much of a Good Thing is a Myth

LinkedIn isn’t Twitter. It’s okay to be verbose. Share your insights, your stories, your team – make them part of the digital parade that showcases what makes your brand spectacular.

Post Often, but Don’t Parrot

Reinforce your message without repeating it. Use different words, different formats, and even different kinds of content. LinkedIn likes variety; give it to them.


LinkedIn isn’t just a social platform. It’s where reputations are built, deals are struck, and the foundation for B2B success is laid. If your brand isn’t on LinkedIn, it’s a shipwreck waiting to happen. Don’t just show up; lean in. Engage. Tell your story. Make those connections.

Why Partner With Don't Be A Little Pitch

Let's face it, likes are vanity metrics. Sure, a skyrocketing follower count might feel good, but for true brand impact, you need more. You need trust, recognition, and a healthy dose of competitor envy.

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